Friday, August 30, 2013

Follow Friday: Your Local Librarian!

Hosted by: Parajunkee and Alison Can Read

So yesterday my book club and I trekked all the way up to Columbus, Ohio to meet Rae Carson and C.J. Redwine; more of this is to come, but one thing that I wanted to blog about super quick was a little bit of the Q&A that leads me into my point:

One of the questions yesterday was of the older generations and how they feel that young adult literature is 'too mature' or 'too influencing' for our young readers, and though both of the authors handled it like champs. (For real I got chills) I wanted to shout this so hard....

"You tell those assholes that they should be thankful their children
are reading books, period!"

I know reading keeps me out of trouble. 

There are not words enough in my mouth for how epic yesterday was, and so much more will come when I have more than five seconds to write...or two soccer games tomorrow...birthday parties...cookouts...and a photoshoot on my three day weekend. 

No matter what children are checking out in the library, don't think they can't find this shit on the internet too. Let them have free reign of their books, and have them build a relationship with their local librarians. I know for my friend KT, that she has one of the smallest libraries in our county, one of the poorest, trashy, high crime parts of our town, and for that I consider her our local hero. Because, she is putting books in the hands of children who would otherwise know only drugs, and yes reading to me is a drug; but the only people to die are on pages not on our local streets. 

I had a moment yesterday where all I could do was look over at Katie and Kayla and be so pleased, because while our firm might get their parents out of jail later--their children are being educated in the wonderful world of make belief where they can escape today by preparing for tomorrow. 

You can find KT here: Librarians Unexpected Discharge 
Twitter: @jusbeinkt


  1. Awww I love you!!!! Thank you so much. I know I am quick to complain sometimes about the non-book aspects of my job, but I do love it, and seeing kids coming in and helping them pick out books is my favorite part!

    I had a blast yesterday, so glad we were all able to go. <3

    1. I am so glad too, and you know I lurve you so hard!

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