Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tune In Tuesdays

The Wailin Jenny's: Motherless Child

So my heart hurt when reading these lyrics, and realizing how wrong I've had them. This song is haunting me as music does, and in light of recent events I've found it a perfect way to sum up my shame I've felt the past weeks. A heavy weight has been lifted off me, and one that I couldn't even begin to explain. I've been rather horrid at updating this thing, but with the new year I plan to make it a habit. 

The lyric in which I mention is in the second verse:

Sometimes I feel like I'm almost gone
A long way from home

In my mind I sing this is as 'Sometimes I feel like a Mortal Stone, a long way from home.'

I suppose I can relate to that verse more, and what is a mortal stone you ask? Well, in my little Owl Mind there is such a thing, a stone that unlike any other can be broken up, and torn apart--one that doesn't remain a legacy as it's brothers and sisters, and one that won't get to watch the ages pass. One that is suffered to sit there and be part of this world unchanged and unyielding as we all are. 

So upon learning this, I've a new outlook on the song, but I wouldn't say it's taken away what it means to me. I've had both this tune and their other tune 'Deeper Well' upon repeat, and I got in my car the night of Christmas day and blasted it all the way to Lesage to pick up my best friend. 

If you have never listened to the Wailin' Jenny's then you are in for a treat, make sure to listen to Motherless Child, and also check out: Deeper Well

I'm especially fond of this part:

I was ready for love I was ready for the money 
Ready for the blood and ready for the honey 
Ready for the winnin', ready for the bell 
Lookin' for the water from a deeper well 

Other great songs of theirs?
Arlington, Storm Comin, and Summertime. 

~Ye Ole Owl