Monday, September 15, 2014

Inspire Me Monday: Outlander

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” 
― Eleanor Roosevelt

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I'm a little rusty at this, bare with me--but I have to say that my inspiration lately has come from a lot of new music. I'll save a few of them for Tune in Tuesday, but another art form that has brought me a good deal of inspiration is the new Starz series Outlander. And for once it's not because the guy is horribly beautiful (though he totally is). 
Just in the way the show is filmed absolutely moves my soul and rekindles in me a love of the Gaelic nations that died years ago. Every endless sky, open highlands, weather worn fabric, and even mucky stones absolutely just wakes up my soul. 
I'm reminded of a time when I had entertained the idea of working on set and film production. In high school I loved building and designing the sets, I loved working with the lights and sound, and whoever is behind the production of Outlander deserves every award given. 
Even in something as simple as getting dressed, the emotion is played well into the fixtures on the set. 
From the light in the window to the warmth of the fire, 
the dark object in the foreground 
gives you a depth that pulls you into the scene. 

I'm just so impressed not only by the story (which I can't believe I've been without so many years), but not only do the actors just kill it with their ability--the production crew deserves a big pat on the back. 

I mean would you look at that hunk of a man light!

So if you haven't been watching Outlander please consider it, even if it's just to escape for a little while in a beautiful scene, and see a production at it's finest. 

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