Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Here Comes the Rain Again

You know I'm not really even sure how to do this right, but here goes. I'm assuming you pick music you are currently listening to and write about. In my morning fit, I'm going to pull an old favorite out that seems to be haunting me at the moment.

This song and I go way back, and as a matter of fact Annie Lennox and I have had a long beautiful relationship. We started our relationship when I was a girl riding in my booster seat with my mother blasting 'No More I Love You's' when she was finally leaving my father. I remember this as clear as the text printed before you, because my brother used to sing along to, and at the age of 5 was hysterical. I was 8 then. 

I remember a guy down the street who I think was hot after my mom made her a bunch of mix tapes, and Medusa was one of them. We were on a car trip to SC after the divorce was finalized, and the following year we were traveling to the beach when she first put it in. This was one of my first trips were I could sit up front, and it was like a whole new world. Mom always liked to hold my hands when we were driving, and it was up to me to change the tape player. 

So Annie Lennox, Melissa Etheridge, Phantom of the Opera, and Michael Jackson started that new part of our lives while we headed to the beach. Pretty sure Billy Ray Cyrus was in there too, but I like to block that memory out.

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